Essential Information Before Visiting the United States


The United States will always be a popular travel destination to everyone in the world, even to fellow Americans. There are flight logistics, tips on getting around, choosing which is the best city or state for a vacation, the breathtaking attractions to visit first, hotels, and the amount you’ll have to take you’re your wallet for the trip.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there are still a couple of rules that surprise those that are travel-savvy. And remember, it’s always best to have a word with your travel insurance broker before going out and about. You’ll never know what will happen in one of your travels.

Give yourself a hassle-free vacation by keeping in mind these few tips.

Have a Valid Passport

Always check that your passport has at least six months of validity left. It is a requirement for most countries. However, there are specific countries where the length of their stay is the only needed validity for their passport. You can do a quick search on the web on what regulation applies to your country.

Know Quicker Ways to Travel

Before entering the country, always know the needed requirements to prepare yourself better and not have your hair in shambles. The US has a Visa Waiver Program (VWP) that allows visitors to enter the country for 90 days, even without a visa. To do this, you must get an ESTA Application (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) for authenticity. If you stay for longer than 90 days, you will then be asked for a visa.

  • The following are required to travel under the Visa Waiver Program:
  • Having an electronic passport
  • An authorized ESTA Application
  • A national from a member country
  • Your purpose of visit
  • Staying for less than 90 days.

Obtaining approval must be 72 hours or three days hours before you leave. Otherwise, you won’t have permission to board your flight. Your ESTA will only have a validity of two years. Renewal is required after expiry.

Purchase TSA-approved Locks

There have been several reports of theft when it comes to luggage. It’s better not to take your chances and get yourself the safety lock that you need. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guarantees security and safety on your bags by engaging in strict baggage guidelines. Bags are double-checked and screened. TSA inspectors are permitted to break locks to open a bag if suspicions get the better of them. Don’t worry; if this happens to you, they will place a note inside as a way of informing you and apologizing. To avoid this unfortunate circumstance, better get a TSA-approved lock since you can open them with a master key.

FAQs After Your ESTA Application

People always have how, when, where, and what questions or even while doing something specific. People often fail to realize that some of the most critical inquiries happen after the action.

Is My Information Secure?


Websites that provide access to application forms for ESTAs are under the rules and regulations of the United States Privacy Act. They also employ advanced technology that prevents unauthorized access to private data to ensure your given information’s privacy.

How Long Is My Information Stored?

Since your ESTA was valid and approved, data will remain active for two years or until your passport expires. The Department of Head and Security (DHS) will then be archived for twelve years to allow a limited number of law officials to retrieve the information.

How Do I Check if My ESTA Was Approved?

You can visit the website you applied for online and perform a regular status check. After showing your approved status, you will need to print out a copy for ESTA verification in the USA.

How Long Can I Travel to the USA with an ESTA?

The maximum number of days you are permitted to stay is 90. A visa is needed if you intend to stay longer. If your ESTA expires before leaving the country, you don’t have to worry. You aren’t required to apply for another one, although you will need to retrieve a new ESTA if you prefer to travel again.

Is This Assurance Enough to Enter the USA?

Unfortunately, ESTA is not a guarantee. It will give you authorized permission to travel there, yes. But all passengers are to be inspected by the American Border Guard upon arrival at the airport. These officers under the “Customs and Border Protection” get to decide whether you can enter and stay.

Although applying for an ESTA can be quick and easy, complications only arise when false information is given and instructions aren’t properly followed. Strict consideration of the rules and regulations is also of paramount importance. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and always make sure to check and recheck if you made any mistakes to assure yourself a smooth and secure passage to the United States.

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