The Hallmarks of a Great Pizza


pizzaWho wouldn’t fancy a slice of pizza or perhaps the whole? Whilst originally from Italy, it has become one of the most loved fares around the world. You can eat it all day, every day.

In many places, it’s always been considered as superior food, even rivalling their flagship food. Its reputation is unbelievable that some people even tried to get their pizza trademarked. If you’re not convinced with it, just ask the people of Naples, Italy, the place where the pizza came from. The European Union’s recognition of the Neopolitan pizza means protecting it from imitations.

Now that you find out that a regulation that protects your favourite food exists, you may wonder what the hallmarks of a great pizza are.

The Dough

The entire food starts with the base, which is the dough. When it comes to this, pizzerias choose the flour. Using the wrong type may affect the pizza’s consistency; it may make the bread too chewy or crumbly. Some pizza makers use high-protein flour if they want the bread to be chewy, as protein absorbs more water. The fermentation quality of the dough depends on the type of yeast, as well.

The Sauce and the Toppings

Many pizzerias resort to instant and canned ingredients. While there’s no problem with using them, these are often modified and mixed with artificial components. Pizza makers should emulate the practices of pizzerias in Naples; they only use natural and fresh ingredients. Neopolitan pizza makers only use San Marzano tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, which explains why their pizzas cost higher. If you’re making pizza at home, use fresh ingredients from Melbourne wholesale food suppliers, such as

The Heat

The method of cooking affects the quality of the pizza, as well. The hotter the oven, the better the pizza will get. A hot baking enclosure easily creates a contrast between the crisp exterior and the chewy interiors. This is the reason most pizzerias favour brick ovens. Such oven types contain heat easily, which leads to charring some spots of the pizza without compromising its inner consistency.

These are only some of the things that make up a great pizza. If you want to become a pizza maker or a pizza critique, start your career with these foundations.

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