The Easiest, Most Cost-Effective Fix for a Chipped Tooth

Girl smiling showing bad crooked teethOnly very few people have perfect teeth, and they are just as susceptible to teeth-damaging factors as everyone else. A lot of things can ruin a beautiful smile, such as poor dental hygiene, ageing, and injuries.

Much thanks to cosmetic dentistry procedures though, those who suffer from these imperfections can have them corrected. One popular method is dental bonding in London.

Tooth bonding 101

Tooth bonding, at its core, involves the application of a material, usually composite resin, on a tooth’s surface. Materials vary, giving patients the option to choose one that closely matches the colour of the rest of their teeth.

Before applying the preferred material though, the dentist needs to treat the outer enamel of the tooth first, which typically involves roughing up the tooth’s surface. This ensures better material grip or adhesion.

Correcting dental issues with a single visit

There are many reasons dental bonding has quickly become popular amongst Londoners, one of which is its affordability. And the fact that, in most cases, bonding just takes a single visit adds to its appeal. Also, most patients do not require anaesthesia, so no downtime is involved.

This cosmetic dentistry procedure can correct several kinds of dental issues, and chipped tooth is just one of them. You may also get it as a way to correct imperfections such as large spaces in between the teeth. Another situation bonding can help with is when you have a tooth noticeably smaller than the rest.

And in case you have a bad case of teeth staining or discolouration, this can serve as your treatment option.

All in all, dental bonding gives you a solution to a myriad of problems affecting the appearance of your teeth. And because it comes with a reasonable price and a short wait time, it may be your better option than veneers.

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