On Tasting Fine Wines

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party venueAny mature individual can drink wine, but only people with mature taste and affinity for the finer things in life can determine what they’re really drinking. Being a wine taster takes years of experience. Nevertheless, you can be a skilled taster by learning the art’s mechanics by heart. Before you find wine-tasting parties happening at different venues in Brisbane, understand the basics of this pursuit by reading the guide below.

General Assessment

The general mechanics of wine tasting begin by considering the wine’s appearance, aroma and of course, the taste. When it comes to appearance, you will have to think of three things: the colour, the darkness and the transparency. Talking about the odour, the wine taster should keep in mind the strength, distinctiveness and presence of winemaking faults, like the use of the wrong vine. When tackling the taste, the wine taster should be aware of the amount and strength of flavour activity in his mouth. He should also consider the weight, warmth and aftertaste.

The Process

The taster should look at the wine first and consider the colour. Swirl the glass to see how the wine clings to the glass walls. Swirling also exposes the liquid to the air, therefore, releasing more of the wine’s odour. Smell it afterwards. Taste the wine. On the second drink, hold it in your mouth and suck air with it. To examine its warmth and flavour, distribute the wine in your mouth.

It’s also customary that after tasting the wine, the taster should spit it, especially if he is to test more than five wines. Finally, cleanse your buds by eating soda crackers or sorbet. This is in preparation for the next wine.

Wine tasting is a pursuit that proves man is always looking for the finer things in life. Now that you’re ready, go find a party venue in Brisbane where you will find fellow wine lovers.

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