Taking PART in Your Tires’ Lives

Tires’ Lives

Tires’ LivesYou are likely one of the 83% of drivers who don’t check tire pressure properly, which means you’re not getting the bang for your buck. In addition, you might be wearing your set faster than you think. The dangers of bald tires are publicly available, and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of those misfortunes.

There’s a chance you might not have heard of PART when it comes to tires. A government program, it aims to increase awareness as to how to take care of tires. It’s not the most popular initiative, but it’s still important. It advocates for a lesser albeit critical part of driving and the car’s well-being, too.

P is Pressure

It’s alarming how many Americans don’t pay attention to tire pressure. Checking it is easier now, thanks to cheap, user-friendly pressure gauges. Back to tire pressure, it’s where you need to get it exactly right. If not, you lose traction, increase wear and tear and are less safe on the road.

Your car’s manual have all the information you need, including tire pressure. If not, consult with the mechanics. Taysom Tire, Muffler & Auto Repair notes that garages provide tire checks free of charge. Rather than speculating, bring it to them and let the professionals tell you how it is.

A is Alignment

Let the professionals handle tire alignment. After all, they have the equipment and expertise. There are three things to remember in tire alignment. Camber, toe and caster all corresponds to how your tire angles when turning or even at parking. Everything must be on par, or your tires will easily fade.

R is Rotation

Tire rotation’s purpose is simple: to make your tires last longer. Tires left in the same corner tend to wear faster. Rotation is easy, and considering it enhances gas mileage and handling stability, it’s a half hour well spent at the garage.

T is Tread

The standard depth of tire tread, or the rubber that touches the ground in the US is 32nds of an inch. Perform the penny test by sticking it on the grooves. If it reaches the top of Lincoln’s hair, you should get new tires. If it reaches his forehead, you have to change your tires soon.

With this knowledge, you can gauge or even perform simple checks on your tire. Minding your tires goes a long way in making your trips safe and secure.

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