Solo Escapades: How to Survive Solo Traveling in a Pandemic

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Traveling alone can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. For those traveling in Asian countries such as Singapore, you likely need a food guide to explore the best restaurants that serve authentic Singaporean food. You’ll also be needing a tripod since no one will hold the camera for you during your photo op sessions.

In a year when “six feet apart” and “social distancing” became the most widely used phrase, the idea of traveling solo was the only way to quench the thirst for some wanderlust. While traveling with friends and family members is something we’re used to doing, solo travel provides a fringe benefit—you have a valid excuse to be selfish and do whatever you want whenever you please.

Social distancing can be a frustrating proposition, especially for singles. But it’s also a fantastic opportunity to reaffirm the benefits of alone time. Perhaps the rising trend for solo traveling is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the travel industry. In fact, tour operators are witnessing a sudden uptick in solo vacation bookings, and some are responding by offering extra perks on their travel deals.

Given the increasing trend in solo travel, we understand how never-wracking it is to explore new places without a company. To help you overcome your solo travel jitters, here are ways to pull off solo traveling.

Consider domestic destinations

If it’s your first time traveling alone, starting right within your country will be better. Maybe you’ve been dying to go on an international trip alone, but there will be strict travel policies in place to limit your activities since the pandemic is still at hand.

Most travelers have a habit of going abroad before exploring where they live. To stay safe, you may consider canceling or postponing your plans once everything has gone to normal. Of course, nothing feels better if you have more freedom to do what you want without any safety protocol to stop you.

Another benefit of local traveling is it’s significantly cheaper than international trips. It also gives you better peace of mind by staying within your country’s borders. Plus, you’ll never know if there are other amazing places your homeland has to offer!

Start by exploring the surrounding towns around your city. If you’ve been locked in your house for months, now is the time to quench that wanderlust by exploring places closer to your home. Instead of flying, try solo camping or road trips if your town has nearby national parks.

If you’re keen to travel internationally, choose countries with better control of the pandemic. Government and tourism agencies have traveling requirements and policies for foreign tourists. Also, take note of countries that require travel to pay a minimum deposit before landing in their country. The deposit will cover the hospitalization costs if the tourist gets infected in their journey.

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Plan every scenario

Trips will now require even more intensive planning than pre-pandemic times. This means you have to meticulously prepare your itinerary, quarantine accommodation, and other travel arrangements.

Traveling can be quite unpredictable during a pandemic. Some restaurants will be open for only a few days while others have long lines since they’re the only option. Doing research ahead of time will help you plan out your options in case something comes up.

Prepare for some alone time

Making friends and meeting strangers are the real pleasures of solo travel. But the risk of COVID-19 has made socializations quite unlikely. Expect that you’ll be spending a lot of time alone, so those who hate the idea of isolation may not be a real fit for this.

Still, the idea of alone time when traveling is something many have taken for granted. Use the time for some self-reflection and think about how your previous journeys have changed you for the better. This is also an excellent time for some time off.

The impact of the pandemic and the sudden shift to remote work have caused people to suffer from stress, anxiety, and burnout. This is a perfect chance to actually relax, take a break, and discover novelty out of something new.

Instead of meeting new acquaintances, plan some solo activities to ease off travel loneliness. You’ll even discover that you’ll do a lot more if you’re traveling alone rather than with company.

If solo travel doesn’t work out for you, keep in mind that there are still countless travel options around. Surviving a pandemic means taking advantage of travel opportunities in the most responsible way. In the end, what matters is to make your journey safe and worthwhile.

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