Every Travel Enthusiast Should Give Rock Climbing A Chance

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Almost everyone will say that they’re up for an adventure and can’t wait for the opportunity to bounce right back into their travel plans once the smoke clears out and super-strict health restrictions become a thing of the past. You might even catch your closest buddies red-handed with an itinerary all set up and ready to go, just tucked alongside all their work documents and ongoing projects for safekeeping and ease of access when the time comes.

However, despite all the secret planning and preparations that have been made to psych travel enthusiasts up for the next adventure, most people are clueless about what they should do first or how they’ll celebrate the opportunity of getting to travel once again. And if you’re among the same people who are dying to know what activity would best start their travels with a bang, then allow us to recommend recreational rock climbing, the single most active and fun sport you’ll ever have the chance of trying!

Rock Climbing Transcends Typical Boundaries

Before you call us crazy for dropping such a crazy plan on the table right from the get-go, please hear us out because recreational rock climbing is not your ordinary physical activity and will pleasantly surprise you in places you wouldn’t consider. You see, unlike your typical trekking session or maybe cycling around the countryside, recreational rock climbing elevates your experience to a whole new level, both from an objective and exciting standpoint.

  • A Workout Like Never Before: Firstly, everyone’s been keen on attaining a healthier and more active lifestyle, so if you’ve been craving for something new to your workouts, then rock climbing will undoubtedly put your muscles to the test. Nothing quite comes close to the level of coordination required when rock climbing, and that’s not mentioning you’ll be using your entire body during the whole climb. Plus, it’s also very low-impact and easy on the joints.
  • Pulls Out Your Inner Strength: In addition to the physical aspect, rock climbing can pull out your inner strength and somehow unlock a slumbering deeper potential from within you. And given that most of us have been at the mercy of constant stress and anxiety due to all the pandemic fiasco, rock climbing is among the best outlets for releasing all that negative mantra. So, if you’ve meant to get something out of your chest, now’s the best chance.
  • Unwavering Solidarity And Community: Lastly, let’s not forget that traveling is all about solidarity and community, and so you’d expect that your choice of physical activities and fun should observe the same principles. When it comes to rock climbing, you’re still with a group of friends and people pushing each other past their limitations. You might even find yourself and your buddies wearing the same custom-design Artbroz shirts to motivate each other on your next climb.

Rock Climbing Opportunities Are Everywhere

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Besides the physical, social, and spiritual aspects of recreational rock climbing, one awesome feature that we must address is that rock climbing opportunities are just about everywhere nowadays. We would even go as far as to say that all international travel destinations have some sort of trek or mountain you can challenge to a climbing duel!

  • Climbing On Your Next Travel Destination: Talks on reopening international travel are already underway, but instead of just taking photos and going on long drives, we challenge you to go rock climbing on your next travel destination. And whether it be conquering El Capitan for the seasoned veterans out there or taking in the breathtaking views from the Swiss Alps, you’ll find no end to your possible choices.
  • Connecting With A Local Rock Climbing Gym: Although we’ve made out some fine and extravagant choices to select from, even newbies can find a lot of fun by simply connecting with a local rock climbing gym. We’ve seen plenty of these fitness centers pop up recently, and because they’re also pretty safe when it comes to social distancing guidelines, you wouldn’t need to worry too much about transmission. Plus, it’s the best way to meet like-minded people and find your first climbing group.
  • Building A Small Rock Climbing Space At Home: Last but not least, if you’re more of the homebody type and don’t want to go all out unless it’s already travel time, then building a small rock climbing space under your roof is very much possible. Also known as a bouldering wall, these huge pieces of lumber can get quite heavy and need just as strong of support, so be sure to have extra hands ready to help you get things installed.

A Hobby Transformed Into An Unforgettable Lifestyle

In conclusion, we think a lot more people should give rock climbing a chance, most especially the already adventurous travel enthusiasts craving for a bit of excitement. And before you judge it prematurely, understand that it’s a hobby that can easily turn into an unforgettable lifestyle.

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