Summer Hair Care Suggestions for People with Oily Hair and Dandruff

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The summer months in the Philippines are a great time to hit the beach, party with friends and family, and eat tasty and refreshing desserts. While this season can be enjoyable, it’s also a time for people to take care of their hair. Sebum production can become overactive in warmer weather, making the hair look greasy. On top of that, the heat during the summer can make dandruff worse. The rising temperatures allow Malassezia globosa, the dandruff-causing microbe, to flourish, increasing the likelihood of a dandruff flare-up.

If you have dandruff or oily hair, here are suggestions to eliminate dandruff and greasy scalp so that you can enjoy the rest of the summer.

Apply Herbal Therapy Oil

Consider using moringa oil, a herbal therapy oil, for your hair and scalp. This product regulates the sebaceous glands to limit sebum production and prevent oily hair. The antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the oil keep the scalp moisturized to limit and eliminate dandruff.

Avoid Frequent Blow Drying

During summer, the heat of the sun can heat your head more intensely. This heat will dry your hair and scalp naturally. Using a blow dryer will make your hair drier. If possible, limit the number of times you blow-dry your hair. Allow your hair to air dry after washing or rinsing. This prevents your hair and scalp from getting more heat than necessary.

Apply Sunscreen on Your Hair

Always bring a sunblock if you will be out in the sun. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays. When putting on sunscreen, remember to apply it on your head, as well. Simply run the sunblock through your hair and scalp to give them an extra layer of protection.

Cover up Your Hair

Before you head out into the sun, grab a hat or a scarf to cover your hair and scalp. Doing so gives your head additional protection from the damaging UV rays. On top of that, it prevents your hair from becoming excessively dry by retaining moisture.

Eat Healthy Food

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A healthy diet prevents dandruff and excess oil on your scalp, helping you achieve beautiful and healthy hair. Here are some recommended food items for you:

Zinc-Rich Foods – Fish, grains, legumes, and nuts are food packed with zinc. This nutrient helps control the production of sebum from the hair. Additionally, they improve the texture and overall health of the hair.

Food Packed with Vitamins E and A –These two vitamins can regulate the production of oil in the scalp. You’ll find these nutrients in food such as fish, nuts, and avocado.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables – Broccoli and spinach are a great source of vitamins C and A. These nutrients help moisturize your scalp.

Don’t Shampoo Too Often

Shampooing your hair can get rid of sand, salt water, chlorine, and other dirt. Doing this too often, however, is unwise. Too much shampooing strips your hair of its essential oils, which are necessary to keep your hair strong and healthy.

Applying herbal therapy oil, avoiding frequent blow drying and shampooing, putting on sunscreen on your hair, covering your hair while under the sun, and following a healthy diet allow you to ward off dandruff and oily scalp. These suggestions will let you enjoy summer with a beautiful head of hair.

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