New Zealand’s Fashion and Style: Trends in Colours and Prints

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Fashion in New Zealand has always put a focus on relaxed and casual wear. People in the country are generally also creative. The styles and trends of their clothing change often, with designs that reflect the season, as well as changing attitudes. You can explore the ranges of women’s clothing from an online store to find out the latest in trends for each specific season.

Paint-box Colours

Black has always been a popular choice as a colour of clothing. But, there’s been a shift in recent years. Vivid colours have become more appealing. For instance, paint-box shades like green, blue, red, and yellow are common colour prints. But you can also just use these colours as an accent to give only a hint of brightness and vividness to your attire. In practice, you could wear neutral colours but for a shirt, coat, or shoe with a striking colour.

You may also want to go for a fully monochrome look with clothing of a single hue, or dress in multiple, clashing shades.

Bold and Pastel Prints

Many have been able to stand out and call attention to their clothing with louder designs and prints. For instance, floral, stripes, abstracts, and paisleys could be interesting additions to your look. If you’re just starting to experiment with colours, try clothes with only a hint of prints. But you can think about mixing or matching prints for a more eye-catching look.

The leopard print has become a popular print design. Its style has become softer, suitable for loose blouses and silky skirts. They give off a relaxed appearance not commonly associated with the design. Regardless, the print is outspoken and overstated enough to call attention to the rest of the wearer’s attire.

Pastels deliver a look that is understated but effective. They’re not loud in the same way bold prints are, but they provide the same effect. You can put on colours like dusty rose and washed out shades of mint, ice blue, and pale caramel.

Fashion Suits

Suits hanged in a shop

Suits serve fashion looks. You can put on blazers, wide leg pants, and crisp shirts when working in an office. Wearing a suit can be taken for fashion and not taken simply as wear for work. Some, for example, make this distinction by wearing their blazer with a designer t-shirt. Others exude a casual look by pairing a suit with jeans or cuffed sleeves.


Texture and colour can be incorporated into any article of clothing, including shoes, jeans, and jackets. These textures include things like sequins, beads, faux fur, and metallic fabrics. Additions like this can add an additional layer to an outfit, making it much more interesting.


Recent trends in outfit accessories have included big earrings, tortoiseshell styles, and scarves. You can tie scarves around your hair or on wicker bags to add something new to your overall look.

People from New Zealand are likely to invest in clothing that they can use beyond a single season. They’re looking for clothing that lasts. Essentially, this means their styles are not necessarily brand new. Instead, they change to adopt aspects and trends of clothing and fashion from previous seasons.

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