Suggestions for Choosing Your Own Dentist

Dental CareIt is important to have your own dentist, but just like choosing a solicitor or an estate agent, choosing a dentist takes a bit of work. Do not wait before you have a dental emergency to start looking for a dental practice to help you.

Here are some ways to choose the right dentist for you and your family:

Ask Your Friends or Family

Your friends or family should be able to recommend someone, or at least tell you whom to avoid. Questions you may ask include how comfortable they are whenever they visit their dentist, how soon they were scheduled, how long they stayed in the waiting room, how they were billed and what type of insurance the dentist accepts.

Look Online for Some Suggestions

Check online directories and associations for a dentist near you. For example, you may look for NHS dentists in Croydon if you live or work in this area. The idea is to get referrals to help shorten your list of choices.

Choose a Dental Practice Near Your Home or Office

A dentist you can visit immediately is a better choice than having to drive for hours just to get there. Think about dental emergencies, which is the next suggestion.

Find a Dentist that Does Emergency Dental Work

In case your tooth gets knocked out during a game of football, can your dentist help you? If they do not handle emergencies, is there a nearby place they may recommend?

Do a Little Checking

Call the practice and ask the staff about the dentist’s qualifications and affiliations. Ask about their pricing and the insurance providers they work with. Do they typically charge fees outside your insurance? How do they keep their practice clean? See how comfortable they are in answering, and how comfortable you are with their answers.

Find a Dentist You Are Comfortable with

This is one of the most important parts: choosing a dentist you wouldn’t hesitate to discuss your concerns with, or someone who can handle your enquiries and your dental fear.

It is important that you choose a dentist. You are likely to stay with that dentist for a long time, perhaps for a lifetime, so find one you will be happy to visit regularly.

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