Straight Facts about Crooked Teeth

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Crooked teeth, misaligned bites and a set of teeth with gaps are unsightly. Oftentimes, people are quick to judge others by their appearances, especially when they do not have a perfect set of teeth. To avoid embarrassment and lift their confidence, people spend time looking for the best solution to their problem. In the UK, for instance, a mum of two who had struggled with low self-esteem due to gaps on her teeth recently found the perfect procedure to improve her teeth.

Here are some information you should know when looking for ways to straighten your crooked teeth:

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Reasons for Crooked Teeth

There are many reasons people get crooked, twisted or overlapping teeth. Some have very small mouths that their teeth do not fit in the available space, which causes them to crowd or shift. There are also cases where the lower and upper jaws do not have the same sizes, leading to an over or under bite.

Effects of Crooked or Misaligned Bites

When you do not correct your misaligned bite or your set of crooked teeth immediately, it may restrict proper chewing. Cleaning your teeth and gums may also be challenging. Furthermore, crooked teeth may strain your muscles, teeth and jaws, putting you at risk of breaking a tooth.

Treatments for Crooked Teeth

The common way to straighten crooked teeth is by wearing dental braces. While it is effective, it has its disadvantages. For instance, you will find it difficult to eat, as pieces of food may get stuck on the brace. The braces may also injure or stab your upper or lower lip and gums, which may lead to inflammation and infection. To avoid these problems, experts recommend wearing clear aligners throughout the day and night, except when eating, flossing and brushing. According to Church Road Dental and Cosmetics, clear aligners offer significant comfort, convenience and discretion to patients.

Do not let your crooked teeth affect your lifestyle. Wear aligners or undergo a dental surgical procedure just like the mum at Londonderry to straighten your teeth. Lift your head up and start showing everyone your amazing smile.

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