Stop that Leak! Major Problems that Come from Simple Leaks

Leaks Problrems

Leaks ProblemsWhenever you encounter leaks at home, you would usually wipe the wet area dry and fix the source. Problem solved. But those might not be the only things to worry about especially if you have frequent flooding at home.

A simple leak may easily cause other problems if you take it for granted. Flood clean up specialists in Utah cite some major problems that may start with a simple leak.


Frequently wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms are common sites of slips and falls. You might end up getting injuries if you leave them as is. There’s also the danger of electrocution if you come into contact with water plus active appliances.

In such cases, you need to do more than simply stopping the source of the flooding. Turn off and unplug appliances, and keep them out of the flood’s range before cleaning up.

Health Risks

How can a simple leak harm your health? If the leak goes below the surface, it could cause the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. These may produce allergens and toxic substances that cause asthma, sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and rashes.

Thorough mold cleanup might be necessary in addition to fixing the water problem. Apply ammonia-free household cleaners when removing the flood to deter mold infestation. Use bleach products in case of sewage leaks.

Floor and furniture breakage

Your floors and furniture may become casualties of a simple leak. Constant exposure to moisture may cause them to fade, warp and eventually break early. You might end up having to fix the source and victims of the leak, both of which are energy and financially draining.

Wipe your furniture dry and keep them out of the flood’s range quickly. Dry flooded areas with dehumidifiers or commercial grade HEPA-vacuums. Avoid using a fan as it may spread the leak further.

Anything can happen because of a simple leak. You might end up suffering from accidents, getting sick or breaking your household items. Don’t underestimate small leaks. Handle your flood problem with due diligence.

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