Spice Up Your Look in 2019 with These Jewelry Trends

2019 Jewelry Trends for you

In Utah, glamming up this 2019 might need some custom jewelry from dealers such as AAA Jewelers. If the latest fashion week looks were any indication, the pieces would be much bolder, bigger, and more aggressive. If you are looking for inspiration, just check out this list below:


Thicker jewelry pieces are making a comeback, yet people are not settling for anything boring about design. Chain links with almost the same look and feel you find in the fences are now chokers and bracelets.


Studs are not dying anytime soon, but fashion is throwing away patterns. Instead, it opts for randomness such as various gems of different colors. Some are circles, while others are spikes on enamel bracelets.

Layers and Stacks

Why should you settle for one when you can have many? There is no limit on how many layers of necklaces and bracelets you can wear. There is only one rule that governs fashion: yours.

Yearly essentials include chokers, eccentric trad earrings, and throwback charm belts. Many prominent designers have started to think outside of the box, utilizing earrings and necklaces as structural support for their items or enhancing them with gemlike ornaments that reduce the demand for an add-on.


Jewelry pieces these days are no longer accessories you can consider as optional. Latest designs point out how they can already be built in directly into the clothing. How is that for upstaging anyone anywhere you go?

Thicker and Bigger Hoops

Thick and big hoops are not new, but for 2019, picture something about the size and look of a horseshoe. Also, imagine a gold earring with about a half inch in thickness. How much they weigh is anybody’s guess. One thing is for sure: they do not need something else to stand out.

Nostalgic Pieces

Fashion trends, it seems, do not die. They only take a rest. In 2019, nostalgic pieces such as lucky charms and jewelry with onyx take center stage.

Trendy ideas for Jewelry this 2019

Statement Pieces

The likes of Chanel and Balenciaga are taking the term “statement jewelry” literally. Do not be surprised if these accessories become their wearable billboards.

Supplementing your wardrobe with a striking necklace can improve even the most common articles of clothing. Pairing a flashy statement necklace with a plain shirt can be phenomenal and easily transition your attire from day to night. Moreover, you can use a statement necklace with a dress or V-neck shirt. Doing so is the best way to include such a bold accessory. It will match the appearance of the V-neck and fill in that space.

These trends are less likely to overshadow the more classic, eternal pieces such as diamonds and pearls. Instead, they give you more reason to stand out and express your individuality. Go ahead and play around with your looks by mixing and matching the old and the new.

Your contemporary gems or clothes do not matter if you are not comfortable with them. You can put a unique twist on every trend that you include into your outfit. Doing so will make you feel like a real fashionista.

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