A Guy’s Guide on Proposing to His Gal

Man getting down on one knee

So now you feel it is time to get married. You’ve brought the ring that you bought from a Salt Lake City jewelry shop like AAA Jewelers.  But like many men, if you’re wondering if you’ll ask her the question find the right place and moment to do so, because you think that the moment would increase your chances of her saying, “YES!” when you pop the big question.

Pick a date

Many men think that choosing a date shouldn’t be too hard because what’s more important is your question and the “Yes” you’d want from her. But for women, the day they get engaged is almost akin to the day they get married. While some men wait for ‘the right time,’ others make the time right. You can propose during your anniversary, her birthday, during a local holiday, or any special time that both of you choose to do your activities, such as date night.

Location matters

For many couples, location is significant for a wedding proposal. It adds to the mood and the ambience you want for the moment. With that in mind, you need to pick a location that she’d love and remind her of your proposal. Would it be the place where you first met together? Or perhaps the restaurant or some other place where she said ‘yes’ and agreed to be your girlfriend?  Once you answer these questions, then you’d be able to know the perfect location where you should make your proposal.

Come up with a strategy

Man proposing to his girlfriend

For most women, it’s not just a matter of saying ‘Yes.’ It’s a matter of how they were asked. You need to come up with a strategy before you dive in and pop the big question. If you want to do it privately, you can arrange everything such as cooking her favorite meal or preparing a candlelit dinner. On the other hand, you can also surprise her and go big by asking her friends and family to help you with the engagement.

Get her ring size right

This often needs the aid of her friends and family, but what you can do is to pretend to shop for yourself or ask her friends to get her ring size, so you’ll know what to tell the jeweler. You also need to spy on her to know what kind of ring setting she would love, but when in doubt, always choose a solitaire setting, because a classic setting never fails.

It’s not about you; it’s about becoming a couple

Many people forget that a proposal is not only about a ring. It’s about two people committing to share their lives. Even if you don’t choose the right place, date, or even ring size, you should never forget that it’s your commitment to your life together that matters, and she will appreciate that.

Buying one of the available engagement rings is just the beginning of planning a proposal. Once you’ve done all these, then you can now go to the part where you must be brave and ask her the question you’ve always wanted to ask and hear her say “Yes” without you breaking out in sweat.

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