Solo Female Traveling Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Solo female traveling has become a hot thing in the last decade. More and more women are packing their bags to visit their dream destination without anybody’s company. In 2018, a study found that around 60 percent of solo travelers are women.

Why Should You Try Traveling Solo?

Traveling alone is an empowering feeling, especially to women. Not only will you learn to budget your time and money, but you’ll be able to know yourself a bit more. But what are the reasons women choose to travel alone?

To Take Yourself out of a Personal Crisis

No, it’s not cliche when women say they travel to find themselves. Traveling in an unfamiliar place has a therapeutic effect on people. If you feel stuck in your career or don’t know what your next move should be, go travel. It helps clear your mind so you can go back to making big decisions when your vacation is over. Who knows, you might just find your life purpose in an alley in Pakistan. Or you might meet people at a party who will later have a significant impact on your life.

To Enjoy Your Own Company

So many solo female travelers doubt themselves when they book their plane tickets. You might be at the same point in your life now. Traveling alone can truly help you be familiar with yourself. How do you handle problems? Can you take care of yourself?

Despite the doubts, you should push through. Traveling will help you uncover things about yourself that you never expected. You may find that you are surprisingly excellent at learning a new language. Or that you have a skill in photography. Surprise yourself and other people.

To Prove That You Can

One of the biggest wonders of this century is that so many people are still surprised that women can travel solo. Women have been allowed to vote for decades now. Women are dominating the workforce, winning prestigious awards. And yet, your family will raise an eyebrow when you tell them you want to visit the Machu Picchu alone.

A considerable part of the reason is that safety is still a big concern nowadays. Still, don’t let that deter you from embarking on your solo adventure. You have to be extra careful. You have no other choice since the current condition of women’s rights and safety will not change overnight. What you can do is be extra vigilant and aware.

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What Are the Mistakes You Should Avoid?

Even though traveling solo can be a freeing, cathartic experience, you’d still want to keep things on the safe side. These are some mistakes you want to avoid in your travels:

Being Afraid to Offend People

When a random stranger comes up to you to offer you a drink, say no. When someone approaches you to give you a hand with your bags, say no. Most of the time, you are afraid to refuse kindness from other people because you might offend them.

Change this mindset for the sake of your safety. Do not give an ounce of care whether someone is offended or not. A person who is true with their intentions will not take it negatively if you say no. Bring just a tiny amount of trust for other people when you travel abroad, leave the rest at home.

Not Researching Enough About Your Destination

Sometimes, you get bitten by the travel bug that you look up flights and book them. There is no problem with that. However, one major lesson that solo traveling will teach you is that not every place is similar.

One lesson you’re going to learn is that not many countries are accepting of what other people wear, especially foreigners. It’s always a fun idea to bring a versatile top that can double as workout gear and a chic pair to skirts. However, be sure that you are permitted to wear them if you decide to put them on for the day. Some countries have heavy regulations on dress codes in public spaces. You don’t want to be breaking laws in a foreign land—or anywhere, for that matter.

Not Joining Online Solo Female Traveling Communities

You can directly get information on dress codes and other helpful tips on online solo female traveling communities. It is a place where women share their experiences in their travels. You can interact with the members, ask for help with your itinerary, and give suggestions to others.

Getting firsthand insights from women’s own travel experiences is an excellent source of information. You will find that in these communities, not only inspiring stories exist. You can also read about cautionary tales from other members. You will read about their bad experiences and wrong decisions.

This information should help you avoid mistakes that others have made in the past. These stories will save you from tons of disasters and travel nightmares.


Safety is a significant concern for women who travel solo. You can avoid risky situations by being more aware of your surroundings and trusting your instinct.

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