Should You Find a Fitness Partner?


Studies show that 53% of Australians intend to lose weight or improve their fitness. But not all will succeed. Considering how difficult it is to achieve New Year’s resolutions, you might want to consider getting a fitness training partner.

It sounds like such a nuisance to have someone or a group of people keep you accountable, but there are plenty of benefits to doing so. Here are some of them:

1. Having a Fitness Partner Is Fun

A fitness training partner should be someone interested in the same workouts and health practices. Being able to practice these workouts with another person come rain or shine can be fun. You do not have to contend with challenging exercises on your own. Instead, you will have someone by your side.

When you have a training partner to work with, you will be able to carry out conversations and share a few good laughs as you work out. The social aspect of having a fitness partner is what will make your exercises fun to do.

If you continue to have fun during your workouts, quitting will be the last thing on your mind.

2. Having a Fitness Partner Keeps You Focused

If you are not the kind of person who can keep your eyes on any goal without supervision, then a training partner can be helpful.

A partner of that nature will ensure that you concentrate on your workouts and do them the right way, especially when you are distracted. That’s the person you want in your corner if you have trouble focusing on the end goal.

With an accountability partner by your side, staying focused will become easier. You will soon find yourself doing better when it comes to following instructions and practicing new fitness habits.

3. Having a Training Partner Keeps You Encouraged

fitness pair

Science shows that our social networks can have a positive influence on the physical activities in which we engage. And that’s a good thing.

By the time you become an expert in your chosen fitness workouts, you would have had to overcome many challenges. None of these challenges will be easy. The temptation to follow instructions haphazardly will be high at specific points. During your journey to become an expert, you may also be tempted to give up altogether.

However, if you have a training partner, that person will be instrumental in your success. Your fitness partner will encourage you to keep going when things get tough. And that will help help you be part of the 9.2% or so who achieve their New Year’s resolutions by the end of the year.

4. Having a Training Partner Brings Out Your Competitive Side

A Kansas State University study showed that people who felt that their training partners were better than them increased their workout intensity and time by as much as 200% when engaging in physical activities!

Why? Because of the competition factor! The need to outdo the perceived training partner would spur the other person into sticking with the exercise. A good training partner is one who will encourage you to do better. Such a fitness partner will, at times, goad you into wanting to win badly. There’s nothing like having such a partner to bring out your competitive streak.

Remember, a little healthy competition will go a long way in keeping your eyes on your fitness goals. You will find it much easier to wake up every morning, eat right, and do all the things that you are supposed to do. After all, you want to win, don’t you?

So take the time to get a fitness training partner. Your local Gold Coast gyms probably have trainers who can recommend someone. Or you can challenge one of your loved ones to exercise with you.

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