Should You Consider the Switch to Radiant Heating Systems?

Radiant Heating Systems in a Salt Lake City HomeHeating and air conditioning devices are essential parts of a home, particularly in areas which receive two types of weather annually, summer and winter. Hot summer months are made easier to bear with the cooling comfort of air conditioning systems. On the other hand, the cold winter season is made more tolerable with the help of home heating systems.

Traditional heating

Traditional heating systems operate through the use of fuel, which can be oil, gas or electricity. The fuel will depend on where you live or which type of fuel is easier for you to obtain. Budget-wise, gas is a better choice as it costs less than electricity.

Radiant heating

Radiant baseboard and floor heating systems, based on Korea’s ondol home heating system, are some of the most recent developments to warm the home from top to bottom. If your home has concrete flooring, then you can benefit from concrete floor heating systems to keep your house warm during the winter months.

If overall efficiency is your concern, then you should consider radiant heating. This type of heating solution can work with your existing system. Instead of raising the air temperature, it warms up sections of the house like floors, walls and ceilings.

Radiant heating benefits

Radiant heating provides several benefits that other heating systems lack. These include:

  • Uniform heat distribution. If the floors, walls and ceiling is warmed up, then the entire room gets even heat.
  • Energy-efficient. Radiant heating can help you save on your monthly heating bills by allowing different energy settings according to when they are used in each room.
  • Noiseless heating. Some radiant heating systems are virtually silent. You will surely want to replace your noisy boiler with this type of heating system.
  • Fewer airborne allergens. While it doesn’t enhance the quality of the air, radiant heating doesn’t encourage allergens inside the house since it doesn’t operate by blowing air into the room.
  • Ecology-friendly. Radiant heating works with solar-powered heaters and wood-fed boilers.

Whether you are constructing a new home, upgrading your heating system or are considering a more efficient way of reducing the monthly energy consumption in your Salt Lake City home, then radiant heat systems are worth looking into. You’ll get better home heating on lower monthly bills, and get more dollars left over in your wallet.

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