Preventing Plumbing Emergencies: 3 Factors to Pay Attention to

Plumbing Emergency PreventionDealing with emergencies is part of running a household – from a wife about to give birth, to a child rushed to a hospital due to an accident, to a plumbing system that has malfunctioned. 

These can be expected or unprecedented, but most of the time unpleasant. That is why these are the moments when we found ourselves wishing we had the eye to have predicted events like these.

For expected emergencies, though, that is no valid excuse. We know how preparation matters and what negligence entails. 

Let's use plumbing emergencies for example. As family heads, parents oversee everything about the household. They know how these should work and why regular maintenance is a must. 

Sudden Water Bill Increase

Like raising their kids, they must be attentive to small details, no matter how sneaky they could get. For instance, a sudden increase in water bill should garner attention. Has the family used more water recently? No? Are there leaks? No? Yet, the water bill is higher than expected? 

That calls for further investigation, right? Somewhere in the pipeline, hidden from our eyes, there must be a leak. These can become a big problem when ignored. Drips may not amount to anything, but as it accumulates it can gather hundreds of gallons of water per year. 

Know Shut-Off Valves Locations

Simple measures like turning off certain shut-off valves can help. Besides the main shut-off valves, which are found near the meter where the water first enters the house, there are also individual shut-offs and localized ones. The former are for indoor water supplies, and the latter for kitchens and sinks. Knowledge of the location of these valves also mitigates damages in times of emergencies. 

Use Pressure Regulators

High water pressure can also cause problems to plumbing fixtures. Water companies in Salt Lake City, and whole U.S., need to set a minimum pressure of water, and homeowners can use gauges to detect levels. A regulator must be used for homes with consistent water pressure above 80 psi, as the law passed in 2012 required homes to have this pressure regulating valve installed.

These three factors become more effective when used as preventive measures, along with observing regular small repairs.

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