Pallet Stillage Cages as One of the Best Innovations in Materials Handling

Pallet Stillage Cages

Pallet Stillage CagesThe initial cost of using stillage cages may be higher, but the several time’s warehouses and workshops can reuse them and their ability to handle bigger weights could provide savings in the long run. Its multi-use function is designed to suit your storage needs and help improve your warehouse operation. Being easily dismantled for transport efficiency and valuable space saving is another huge plus.

Learning the Advantages

There are several key advantages of using pallet stillage cages. They are capable of carrying more weight and are tougher, making them appropriate for multiple usage. The major advantage of these cages is they fit most standard pallets internally. They can be flat packed for easy storage or to save on freight.

Manufactured and designed using steel, pallet stillage cages are ideal for carrying and separating goods. You can use them to move goods around a factory floor. These industrial storage cages are also beneficial to businesses that transport products, as they help reduce the time required to load and unload items.

Choosing the Right Stillage Cages?

Containit Solutions points out that choosing the right pallet stillage cages depends on the requirements of your warehouse or workshop. These storage systems are ideal for a variety of uses to suit your needs.

You may choose either half size or full and you can quickly dismantle the cages to save more space and money. You can easily transport them using a pallet jack or a forklift. Some stillage cages provide the option to have galvanized sheet metal flooring.

Pallet stillage cages are among the most important innovations in materials handling. If you need a better storage system for your warehouse, these cages are a good option. Talk to an expert to learn more about how your business can benefit from this type of pallet system.

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