Optimizing Business Process: Lessons We Can Learn from the Pros

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Sometimes, your brand will face different issues that will challenge your ability as a leader. As the brand owner, the hardest decisions will fall into your hands and often at the least unexpected date. Your resilience and ability as a leader will consistently be tested for as long as you stay in the position. Luckily, different business leaders have lots of lessons to share when it comes to boosting brand practices. Some of these are as follows.

Promote a Problem-solving Culture Instead of a Blame-seeking One

Some business leaders had to make radical changes in their roles just to make sure they can focus on other areas of the business that badly needs their attention. Take SMRT leader Seah Moon Ming as an example. In 2017, Mr. Seah decided to step down from his position as the CEO of Pavilion Energy so he can focus on SMRT. He decided to allow someone else capable of taking in his CEO role so he can concentrate on solving SMRT’s problem at the time. Instead of pointing fingers, he chose to give up his position to rectify the problem using his skills and expertise.

When business leaders focus on solving the problem, this helps them set a good example not only to their employees but other entrepreneurs alike. They focus on the things they can change and control instead of dwelling in the past and letting the problem linger longer. In Mr. Seah’s case, he used his authority to help solve the problem using the best way he knows how even if that meant giving up the position he worked so hard for.

A problem-solving culture helps boost the company’s business processes. This can involve allocating resources to invest in better and more efficient assets and strengthening management. This involves identifying current company pain points and finding long-term solutions to such issues. Such a positive culture can also help boost a company’s ability to provide better, more efficient, and safer offers to improve customer confidence. If you can adopt a problem-solving culture instead of a blame-pointing culture, you can experience greater business success.

Choose the “Expand the Pie” Mindset

Canva became a big hit five years after it was launched. According to its co-founder, Melanie Perkins, one secret to Canva’s success is their “expand the pie” mindset. She shared that when they built the brand, they want to create a culture where everyone can enjoy working and hanging out together. They aim to have no autocratic powers as they believe this will only cause members to be divided among themselves.

Expanding the pie concept aims to create a close-knit organization where everyone works together instead of against each other. In regular companies, the pie, which symbolizes company power, is divided into many parts. Instead of fighting over the slices of pie, everyone is working together in growing the brand. Everyone’s energy is focused on helping each other out and adding value to the company so that everybody wins in the end.

Choosing to expand the pie instead of dividing it allows you to easily address business issues and have everyone work on common goals. This helps everyone understand that they can benefit by working together instead of against each other. When everyone works together, it becomes easier to make certain changes necessary in improving business processes.

Obsess over Customer Experience

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Some businesses concentrate on getting ahead of the competition by trying to outperform them in every single way. But what many often forget is that by obsessing over your competition, you tend to take your customer’s interest for granted. This is why no matter how hard you try, you fail to retain clients and attract quality customers.

According to Jeff Bezos, brands must ensure customer satisfaction. If you focus more on your customers, you can easily learn about their needs and expectations and succeed. This, in turn, allows you to build and adjust business processes that aim to provide the kind of offerings and customer service that will delight even the consumers who are very hard to please.

Instead of obsessing over your competition, put your focus on your customers. You don’t necessarily need to abandon competitor’s research. This only goes to show that prioritizing customer experience will allow you to fulfill their needs and earn their loyalty. Changing business processes in favor of your customers allow you to prevent your clients from experiencing diverse issues that can hinder your company’s growth.

Today’s most successful entrepreneurs have their own lessons to share when it comes to improving business practices. When a big issue occurs, it will be best to focus on solving the problem. When you obsess over your target audiences, you can improve revenue and build brand reputation. Rather than dividing employees, create a culture where everyone will work together in achieving business goals. The strategy you can use in improving your business process will depend on your company’s current business needs and situation.

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