On Granny Flats and Why You Need One

Granny flat

If you’re looking to increase your home’s value, earn a little rent on the side, or maybe just turn unused backyard space into something beautiful, then building a granny flat should be right for you. Granny flats are additional homes, typically detached from the main building, which is built on backyards for guests’ or even tenants’ use. They offer plenty of advantages for home owners, and the demand for construction has spiked in recent years.

If you want to build your very own granny flat in your backyard, here are a few tips and considerations that you should know.

Not from Scratch

Most people would approach this construction with a “from the ground up” attitude and attempt to build it like that. But if this isn’t your style you’ll be glad to learn there are other options.

For example, some people have made use of cabins and refurbished it to make it a granny flat in their backyard. Classic Cabins say that a cabin offers the basic walls, doors, windows, and roof needed and all you have to do is to make the changes that you want. There are many cabin manufacturers out there that can help you get started.


Some home owners build granny flats to be rented out to tenants. If this is your goal, then make sure the entire structure has a living room, bedroom, maybe a small kitchen, and its bathroom and toilet. Consider the space needed for all these additional amenitiess and decide whether you can fit them all. Sometimes, you can combine two rooms like the living room and the bedroom as well.

Overall Looks

Of course, even with additional structures in your whole lot, the looks must still fit in with your general aesthetics. Designing the exterior to match your home is one good way to maintain your home’s value. Another way is to make use of ornamental plants and flowering shrubs to even contribute to the overall appeal.

Granny flats are a great addition to any home. With a little consideration and some excellent planning, you can enjoy your very own in no time flat.

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