Key Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore When Buying Drilling Tools

A Drilling ToolTypically, it is the differences in the method of drilling that determine the kind of drilling tools to acquire for your construction project. That is just a general overview of what you should when consider buying these tools from reputable vendors such as Herrick Industrial Supply.

The following will delve a little deeper into the penetration factors that ought to guide your choice of the right tool to purchase.

Depth of holes

Usually, most underground drilling activities will only require light drilling since the material is softer that most surface materials; if most of your work revolves around that, choosing thinner bits will facilitate the rate of penetration.

On the other hand, since most surface works deal with hard materials, it is advisable you go for more powerful tools and bits with shorter and thicker kerfs for drilling.

Direction of holes

Drilling holes in materials can take different directions depending on what the requirements of the particular activity on which you are working; they can be up, down or at an inclined angle.

Typically, this determines the matrix of core bits to use, with a complex matrix for downward and angled drilling and a softer matrix for upward drilling since you are putting less weight on the drilling tool and bit.

Will you be using the tool in a known or unknown ground?

If you have been working in the same landscape that you plan to use a particular drilling tool on, the type of material or rock on which you will be operating will be familiar. And since surprises will be rare in such instances, you need to limit your choices to a tool that is suitable for that particular ground.

If you are planning to work on an unknown ground, it is advisable you acquire drilling tools suitable for use on different types of surfaces and materials, and varying depths since you can hardly determine the level of penetration the process will demand.

Ideally, the above are the three top factors that affect the type of drilling tools to purchase for your next project. You can also engage an experienced supplier of drilling tools for sale to discuss your needs and guide you on the right tools and equipment that will best meet your demands.

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