Office for Rent: How Much Space Do You Need?

office space

One of the most challenging preparations you have to do when starting a business is to find an ideal location. If you’ve been browsing through online listing sites like RentInMakati, you might’ve noticed that the square meters and location are always the heading. This is because both are among the most important factors that can determine a business’s success.

office space

Function Rooms

If your office needs a reception area, conference room, or storage room, you’ll also have to think of the space that these will occupy. Include all the extra spaces you need in your total square foot computation to avoid renting an office space that’s too cramped. It’s ideal for small businesses to rent an office space that’s about 150 sq. m if you want at least one function area.

Number of Employees

Decide how many employees you’re going to hire. For a start-up, you need about five or more, depending on the demands of the industry. According to experts, there are estimated space requirements for every kind of employee. For instance, the ideal space for clerks is at least 125 sq. ft., while accountants should have at least 150 sq. ft.

Future Growth

Look for an office space that has potential for expansion as you’ll be signing a contract that might last for years. Nobody knows if your business will grow bigger than you imagined. It’s better to rent an additional space where you can expand than relocate. It’ll be difficult to establish your business in a different area again, as you’ll have to inform all your clients and make adjustments for your employees. Look for an office that’s 10% bigger than your total square foot average to make sure.

The rental office space should be according to your business’s present and future needs. Visit online listing websites to find the right one for you.

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