Metal Works: Advances in Metal Fabrication

metal spinners
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Metal fabrication is the process of turning metal or steel into a product. Big manufacturers use newly established processes in fabrication engineering to produce the best products today. Here are a few of the advances in metal fabrication.

metal spinners
Spangineer | Wikipedia

CNC Machines

Computer numerically controlled or CNC machines are mainly used for cutting metals. These machines are programmed with a design, which can be manufactured for hundreds or thousands of times. Such machines are also used by metal spinners to form round metal parts for different applications. This lessens operator intervention during machine setups and enhances programming of operation.

Metal Folding Machines

Metal folding machines today are more versatile, utilising touchscreen and computer controls. This makes your metal forming line more productive and increases your profitability.

New Welding Processes

Processes like Tungsten Inert Gas welding and Metal Inert Gas welding are advances that produce stronger products than other metal joining methods. These processes reduce the requirement for additional operations and components, decreasing time, complexity and cost.

Metal fabrication techniques can be used on different products like aluminium, brass and stainless steel products. Manufacturers use advanced processes and hire experts in metal spinning and metal pressing to produce quality yields.

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