Office Maintenance: How to Boost Productivity

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Any business owner should prioritize proper office maintenance if you want your team to stay healthy, motivated, and productive. Working in a cluttered, untidy, and cramped environment does not only lower employee morale, but it will likely lead to health and safety issues.

However, most businesses tend to focus on the areas that customers see and give less attention to their employees’ workspace. These maintenance strategies will keep your office in excellent condition and have a lasting impact on your staff’s performance.

1. Work with professional office cleaning services

Deep cleaning your office in Kansas City takes more than just organizing the desks and chairs. It includes disinfecting hard surfaces, cleaning HVAC vents, removing trash, dusting window sills, treating carpet stains, and more. If you delegate these cleaning duties to your employees, you are losing time and money.

This will also take a toll on their morale as disinfecting the toilet is not a part of their contract. Allow them to work on what they are best at and let the professionals handle the cleaning. Expert commercial cleaners have solid training, adequate cleaning supplies, and the right equipment to accomplish a vast scope of work in your business premises.

2. Upgrade office equipment

Every business uses technology such as printers, scanners, telephones, and computers. However, any technology has a limited lifespan, and you must consider a refresh if they started to show frequent service issues. These problems include slow performance, incompatibility, and difficulty handling the increased workload.

If you keep them, you will not only spend time and money on IT support calls and repairs, but you are cooking a recipe for office burnout. Faulty mission-critical equipment is one of the significant factors of workplace stress. Avoid this potential problem by choosing the best office tools that will significantly improve the quality of your employee’s work life.

3. Update outdated office elements

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Comfortable and happy employees can deliver better service to customers. However, problems with ventilation, lighting, and air quality cause discomfort and leave them feeling exhausted. You might think that trying to get by is a financially practical choice, but it isn’t a smart decision.

If you want to boost productivity, you have to replace your poor lighting, aging HVAC equipment, or outdated thermostat. Upgrades require an upfront investment, but holding on to obsolete business equipment is a much higher financial risk.

4. Introduce leafy greens

Modern lifestyle and work keep your employees glued to their computers, leaving them with minimal time to spend outdoors and connect with nature. This can lead to “nature deficit disorder,” which can negatively impact mood and concentration, ultimately affecting their productivity.

Bring nature back into the workspace by adding pot plants to desks and office corners. When adding greenery to your office, look for the varieties that can thrive with minimal care. Some of the low-maintenance species are peace lilies, Chinese evergreens, aloes, parlor palms, snake plants, philodendrons, and spider plants.

The quality of their work environment affects the mood and performance of your employees. Run regular checks so that you can spot opportunities for making them healthy, safe, and comfortable in the workplace.

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