Do You Want to Get Away from Everyone? Here’s How to Do So without Leaving

It’s one of those days again. You’re bummed out and burned out at work and home. All you want to do is to get away from everything and everyone but don’t know how to. Although today isn’t one of your best ones, here’s something to lift your spirits. Below are some ways to run away from it all when you’ve had enough:

Get Back to Earth

Finding an escape from everyone doesn’t always mean you have to shut yourself off from all things living, including nature. Yes, it’s tempting to stay in bed all day when you’re physically and mentally exhausted, but stepping outdoors might also do you a favor.

Have you ever wondered why many of us turn to green spaces to relax, recharge, and find inner peace amidst the busyness of daily life? It’s because we, humans, have an innate need to immerse ourselves in nature. And there’s a scientific explanation behind this urge.

In Japan, researchers recognize the fact that the human sensory system evolves in nature, where all our senses are engaged. When we are in the great outdoors, we experience a great sense of ease and comfort because it’s where we should be. The soft sound of rustling branches, the scent of trees, the sunlight peeking through leaves—we hear, smell, and see things we fail to notice when we’re too distracted by life.


But do you have to leave the city to experience all these? No. While backpacking, hiking, and trekking are always a fun idea, you can still get a dose of nature by merely hitting the local park. Are you tired of everything and everyone? Take a walk at the park to relax your mind and get the quiet break you need.Go on a Solo Staycation

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If a quick stroll doesn’t cut it, then maybe you indeed need to get away from everyone and have a little me-time. Drive to your hotel of choice in Fish Creek and book a room for yourself. Make this staycation all about you without guilt. Forget about your friends, family, partner, and work, even just for a day or two.

In an ever-connected world, being comfortable with solitude is an act of rebellion. Since alone time is often associated with isolation and loneliness, it can be daunting to spend a significant period by yourself at first. But hold up, and you’ll be surprised by how much you can benefit from me-time, especially when your mind and body crave it.

Do as you please—get some sleep, go for a massage, or lay on the pool. This is your chance to disconnect with others and catch up with yourself.

Go on a Tech Break

It only takes seconds to reach out to someone on social media and conversely, waste all your efforts to get away. Remember, being proactive in making time for yourself is more than about the absence of other people around you. If you’re still busy chatting with friends on your phone and replying to work emails, it doesn’t count as alone time. Don’t fool yourself.So as hard as it is, try to fight the urge to pick up your phone. If you’re struggling in taking time off, think of it as saving yourself from unnecessary arguments on Facebook. A tech break might be just what you need to get some peace finally.Don’t let other people and life, in general, get the best of you. When you aren’t feeling like yourself, take these simple steps to unwind, clear your mind, and recharge.

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