Office Communication 101: Building Stronger Relationships with Your Employees

cocktail party

cocktail partyA company is an extension of a family. The more people communicate and learn about each other, the better they can overcome and succeed in what they do. Thus, employers need to build stronger relationships with their employees so they can become effective and indispensable to the company.
If you’re an employer, here are some avenues you can use to build relationships with your employees:

Host a party

You can encourage communication with your employees by hosting a party. Employees can relax and show less inhibitions when they’re in an informal setting. You can gather much information about them, including their opinions on you and the company. If you’re hosting a party, you may want to consider cocktail party venues Brisbane has to offer. These informal yet urbane settings are ideal for company gatherings. A dose of spirits, coupled with a nice atmosphere, can get encourage communication between you and your employees.

Do company-wide business reviews

Transparency is necessary for building and maintaining relationships with your employees. Conduct business reviews with them occasionally. Knowing the company’s performance will motivate employees to be more proactive at work. Use this opportunity to get their opinions and suggestions for improvement. Let them know how the company’s doing and how significant they are to the success of the company.

Conduct teambuilding activities

Teambuilding activities are another way for you to build relationship with your employees. Events that promote employee engagement will motivate and distract your employees from the monotony of working all the time. You may create a mixer and group people from different departments, so they will get to know other people in the company, as well. Team up with some of your employees to encourage them to talk to you more. You will get to know more about them this way, as well.

Your company’s success not only depends on you and your employees’ abilities; it depends on how you’re able to impart your vision and ideas to them, as well. One way of doing that is to build solid relationships with your employees through company events.

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