Monthly Cleaning: Ensuring the Smooth Operations of Your Water Heater

Clean Your Water Heater MonthlyEver experienced your water heater shutting down suddenly while you are bathing in the middle of winter? You might as well be taking a dip in a semi-frozen river. It’s an unbearable experience you wouldn’t want to happen again. If this has happened to you, then it might be the right time to check the current state of your water heater.

What causes the shutdown?

Many factors can cause water heaters to trip off or shut down suddenly. Among them are improper maintenance and failure to clean the heating mechanism. Even the tiniest amount of dirt can accumulate over time and clog your water heater, so you can probably imagine what happens if you don’t clean them every month.

What can you do?

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), your water heater requires regular maintenance to ensure that they run smoothly throughout the winter season. While you can always refer to your owners’ manual on how frequent you should you clean your unit, many experts suggest doing it bi-monthly or on a monthly basis.

There are many methods to clean your water heater. One of these involves removing about 32 ounces of water from your reservoir tank every month. This facilitates the removal of mineral buildup that can cause clogging and other problems in the future.

It’s possible for water heaters to start emitting bad odors. Don’t worry, as you can remedy this by flushing the system using chlorine. First, remove the power source of the heater and drain its excess water. Second, flush it with chlorine to remove the gunk buildup that may be causing the odor. Lastly, replace the water in the tank before attaching your heater to its power source.

What if the heater keeps on shutting down despite regular maintenance?

There are times when water heaters exhibit problems that are beyond your scope. Signs of failing may indicate that it needs professional help. When this happens, you need to get in touch with water heater experts in Salt Lake City or anywhere you live in Utah to check what seems to be the problem. Whipple Service Champions noted that these professionals are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills on dealing with a range of water heater issues.

Like any mechanical or electronic device, water heaters need regular maintenance to ensure that they run smoothly. Without proper maintenance, dirt and gunk may continue to build up inside the system and cause the entire unit to fail.

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