The Market Shift to Planned Housing Estates

residenital house

There was a time when people preferred building independent houses. It was during the time when investing in real estate was regarded as a matter of great pride. The times have changed, though; and today, more people consider buying houses in new planned housing estates in Melbourne and other major cities in the country.

residenital house

One reason for this shift is that planned housing estates have become an affordable property investment option. This enables middle-class families to purchase such properties and drive the market up. But beyond this cost-efficiency, there is more to the advantages of planned housing estates.

Community lifestyle says that the lifestyle is one of the greatest deciding factors in buying a property in a planned housing estate. Unlike traditional independent houses, planned housing estates usually come with a park, a clubhouse, a gym and in certain areas, even its own shopping centre, school, and hospital, which make the estate a world where you have all you need. This, in turn, drives the residents closer and builds a community atmosphere within the estate, which is very essential for wholesome growth and development for the children in a family.

Greener estates

These days, planned housing estates go to great lengths to go green. Almost all modern estates have their own water treatment facilities, sewage treatment provisions, and lush greenery around the vicinity. Who would not want to live in such a quaint, relaxing atmosphere? With these kinds of amenities available, residents get a break from the soulless concrete jungle of the city centre.

Better organisation

Usually, only one building company constructs a particular planned housing estate, which in effect gives the structure a more organised and balanced look. Furthermore, as the estate is designed to function like a cooperative society, it will have better organisation and maintenance with respect to the common facilities. All that the residents need to keep the estate’s exquisite condition is to pay a fixed rate on a regular basis.

With these great features, planned housing estates are indeed the best housing option for families.

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