Legal Separation Made Easy with Pro Se and Online Divorce Services

Divorce Agreement

Divorce AgreementGoing through the process of divorce is often time-consuming and really emotionally-draining. Most of the time, you will need to leave your work to attend divorce proceedings or even to meet with your divorce lawyer. Additionally, getting the services of a good divorce lawyer will often be expensive.

Pro Se and Online Divorce Services

Technically, you do not need a lawyer to file for divorce. This is especially true in uncontested divorces where both you and your partner mutually agree to finally calling it quits. This is sometimes referred to as pro se divorces, Miller & Steiert, P.C. explains. And when it comes to pro se divorces, online divorce services almost always crop up.

Online divorce services provide an easy way to file for a divorce without necessarily availing of the services of a divorce attorney. Online forms are filled up and the online divorce service drafts a divorce petition which you will print and submit to the court who will handle your petition or case.


Not everyone can be advised to take the pro se route. This is only applicable if the divorce is uncontested and that there are no issues whatsoever on child custody as well as division of assets and properties. Additionally, marriages that have only been in effect for a relatively short period of time will have more chances of success in pro se and online divorce services. While you may have had disagreements with your partner, if you have successfully resolved them, then you can file for a pro se or online divorce.


While pro se and online divorces are cheap, fast, and allow you greater flexibility and control over your responsibilities for accurately reporting your divorce, it is not without downsides.

You need to choose an online divorce service that is staffed by family lawyers so that the divorce petition will contain all the necessary legal requirements. While online forms generated are legally acceptable in any court, sometimes if the entries are misleading, it can lead to invalidation of the petition.

If you can work something out with your partner and you both agree to it, then pro se and online divorce services will be great for you. If not, hiring a divorce lawyer is the only option.

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