Dental Braces: When Should You Have Them?

Dental Braces

Dental BracesAre you wondering why many people have dental braces nowadays? Perhaps some would think that it has something to do with keeping up with the society’s standards. This is a common misconception, though.

There are actually legit reasons some people get dental braces. Not everyone is lucky to have a perfect set of teeth. There are dental conditions that need correction, as it can greatly affect a person’s health.


Dental professional Aura Dental explains that crowding means that there are more teeth than necessary. It affects your bite and well, your looks. Experts say that this condition arises commonly because of the fact that a person has a smaller arch. It causes the growing tooth to push out wherever they can. You may have to lose some of your tooth too. Good thing dental braces may fix this dental issue. 


The set of teeth in the lower arch are forwardly drawn-out. This is the case when you have a long chin that extends upfront too. It may need surgery and long term braces to correct underbite, also known as class III bite.


The teeth in the upper arch are extended forward. An overbite is more common compared to an underbite. It is not really a big issue unless there are apparent gaps on the protracted teeth.

Impacted tooth

Tooth that did not grow into the right position is called impacted. Crowding is one reason for this dental situation. The tooth may be extracted or simply corrected depending on how it appears.


This is one of the common reasons to get braces. The upper teeth are crossing with the lower teeth. They are not horizontally aligned.

Unsightly gaps

Abnormal gaps between teeth can either be in the upper and lower arch or both. This can be easily resolved with braces. The teeth are slowly pushed together until they are perfectly close enough.

Open bite

The incisors are slightly far off short. Both set from the upper and lower part do not touch. In this case, a person will have a hard time chewing.

When you think that there is something wrong with your teeth, then you need to get a consultation. Do not hesitate to visit a dental practice.

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