Keeping Burglars Out The Traditional and Affordable Way

Home SecurityThe safety and security of your family should never be compromised. However, in an era of advanced security technology, purchasing the latest home security system can get more money out of your pocket faster than a burglar would.

Listed below are some affordable ways to keep your homes secure, without busting your budget and without compromising the quality of your safety.

Ways to burglar proof your homes without busting your budget:

  1. Have a sticker

Registering in a home security system might require you to have a monthly or an annual fee, but this is one of the most secure means to keep burglars out. If you belong to the ones who would rather handle your home’s security by yourself, having a security systems sticker (even though you don’t have it installed) can help scare off burglars.

  1. Bolt your doors

Invest in quality deadbolts, something that would not easily budge after a few kicks or a twist of a hairpin. Install it on all doors that have access to the outside.

  1. Secure your sliding doors

Placing a wooden rod in the track frame of your sliding doors can prevent outside access.

  1. Install blinds

You love the natural light coming to your home, but this does not mean you should expose your property’s possessions for the world to see. Ready-made roller blinds from Yes Blinds are one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to keep burglars uninterested in your home, while keeping your home’s décor and theme on point.

  1. Safe

Have a safe to store valuables (i.e. Cash, jewellery). Do not store it in your bedroom where burglars are likely to go first.


Keeping your home safe requires more than just having the latest security technology; it also requires the right kind of tools and a whole lot of vigilant attitude.


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