Is Your Appearance Stopping You from Getting Your Dream Job?

job interview and loooking at resume

Landing a job interview is something to be proud of. You have submitted an impressive CV, so impressive in fact that the potential employer now wants to meet you. However, if you think you only need to rely on qualifications and work experience to land the role, you may need to think again. The contemporary job market is extremely competitive, and with hundreds of candidates applying for the same position, candidates are needing to up their game to impress employers.

Why should I care about how I look?

Although it may seem shallow to suggest that appearance is a factor when an employer chooses the candidate they wish to hire, it is important to remember that a person’s appearance can reflect many things. Looking smart and presentable tells the interviewer that you respect them and the role enough to make an effort. It also shows that you are likely to dress well when meeting colleagues or clients rather than dress in a way that may be off-putting to potential clients of the company. Your overall look could also be essential depending on the role for which you are applying. Creative roles in a modern working environment can call for a more creative dress-sense, showing the interviewer that you have a true sense of self when it comes to what you like to wear and what you consider to be creative yet smart.

To put it succinctly – if you don’t care about the way you are presented then will you care about the way the company for which you work is presented?

Afraid to smile

woman covering her mouth

A crooked tooth can be endearing, but if your teeth make you feel self-conscious this will come across in the interview. Should your teeth be a daily concern for you, consider visiting a qualified orthodontist to have clear braces fitted. Invisible braces are preferable for most adults as they are discreet and can straighten teeth relatively quickly. When it comes to orthodontics, Invisalign is one of the most popular treatments for the correction of crooked teeth as it works quickly and is barely noticeable, if at all. You may be surprised to find that this simple correction of crooked teeth can boost your confidence, and in turn make you a more outgoing person at interviews.

Say no to being messy

It doesn’t matter of you are wearing the most expensive suit on the high street, if you are dishevelled, nobody will be impressed. A messy appearance can make the interview relate this to the way in which you work, and they will be less inclined to want to work with someone who leaves a mess everywhere they go. Combat the messiness by choosing a simple suit or dress and jacket combination for your interview and by ensuring your clothes, shoes and bag is prepared the evening before. Rushing around looking for everything you need on the morning of the interview is certain to leave you looking stressed and messy – preparation is key.

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