Is Online Learning the Future of Education?

Online LearningTechnological advances have enabled education and learning to progress into an ever-accessible platform via the internet. The option to arrange your schedule accordingly is one of the advantages of online learning as one doesn’t have to attend formal classes.

Take Advantage of the Changing Times

There are courses that you can take from the comfort of your home and through your computer. An online paralegal certificate course, for example, is available in a range of formats. Students enrolled in this specific course can select the schedule that benefits their lifestyle. This allows them to go on with the normalcy of their lives while learning something that can add to their value as a professional.

Apart from this, the glaring difference between online education and traditional learning methods is the physical presence of an instructor and the live interaction between teacher and student. Some people say that online learning will never be able to replace conventional schooling, but this was never the intention of the program. Its real objective is to provide an alternative form of learning while incorporating the advancements of technology and innovation, allowing it to be the future of education.

Career Opportunities Abound

Online education, with its reduced costs and foregone need to physically attend class, allows people to enhance their knowledge and skill set in a cost-effective manner.

Daphne Koller writes for The Wall Street Journal about the opportunities that online education presents. Citing statistics from a report by Georgetown University, she says that 59 percent of jobs in the United States demand further education and additional training. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, meanwhile, reports that by their 50s, people would have had career shifts at an average of 11.3 times.

In today’s competitive work environment, you can expect the number of higher educational requirements and job changes to rise. As an example, Koller mentions that data science jobs weren’t even in existence a decade ago, but are now short of 200,000 workers. Online education provides people with the chance to enter a different field without having the rigorous requirements of a formal education. This is the future of education – accessibility and innovation.

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