Is it Possible to Get Fired for Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Construction workerAccidents happen, and sometimes they happen while you’re on the clock. Filing a worker’s compensation claim would be the next logical course of action. Some employees, however, feel anxious about doing so. Even though the country has laws in place to prevent instances of workplace discrimination, injured workers still worry their boss could fire them out of retaliation.

Law firms that provide legal advice on various aspects of property law, succession law and personal injuries litigation like Connolly Suthers, however, remind clients that an injured worker has every right to file a lawsuit against their employer should they experience discrimination over their compensation claim. What can an employee do to make sure their rights are upheld?

Filing a Workplace Injury should be a Priority

Once a workplace injury occurs, the first thing you should do is to promptly and accurately report the incident to your employer. Immediately reporting the accident will help them curtail similar accidents in the future and adopt the safety precautions necessary. Try to gather up witnesses as well (if any) to verify the facts and make filing your claim much easier. Any delays could, after all, affect the investigation and your recovery time.

Acting against Retaliatory Termination

In any workplace, poor performance, the need for layoffs, company restructuring or any legal reason whatsoever gives the company the right to terminate an employee. The reasons for the termination should be disclosed to the employee. An employer admitting to employees outright that their compensation claim was the reason for their termination is unlikely, however. So, if you think that your employment was unjustly terminated, make sure you gather the evidence and file a lawsuit.

By law, workers injured on the job should be able to receive the proper compensation without the threat of losing their job. If you do experience retaliatory discrimination from your employer, remember that the law is on your side and you have every right to file a lawsuit against it.

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