How to Start a Daycare Centre

Daycare Center

If you love being around children, perhaps time you started a daycare centre. Running a daycare is an easy way to spend as much time as you can with your kids while making money. The initial outlay is relatively small, and you do not need specialised training to run one.

With the help of experienced childcare consultants, your daycare business can be up and running in no time. If you have a low starting capital, you can start at home as long as you free up some space for the kids. This setup will save you some cash before your business picks up. Other important things to consider when starting a daycare include:


Just like with any other company, registering a daycare is mandatory. Find out the requirements for operating a daycare centre legally and get professional help where necessary. If you don’t have the right licenses, your daycare will be working illegally, and you will be forced to shut down. You are also required to get insurance for your daycare to cover injuries that might occur. When shopping for insurance, consider getting a comprehensive cover with enough room for third parties, given the capacity of your daycare.

Bargain Hunt

Shop around for quality furniture, toys, stationery, animation books, and play mattresses. You will need to buy kids cutlery in bulk and food preparation utensils, too. Find an affordable supplier of fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients that you will need for the kids.


Come up with a marketing strategy for your daycare. Set up social media pages for your daycare across all platforms. Tell all your friends that you are starting a daycare centre and invite them to see your setup. Using referrals is the easiest way to get clients. Pay someone to distribute flyers in your community and hand out information booklets to other parents when you take your kid out to play in the park.

Remember that you have to put in sweat equity before your business picks up. You will need to learn how to do most of the things yourself to keep your staffing costs at a minimum. Having consultants whom you can reach out to occasionally is also essential.

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