Don’t Put Your Children’s Oral Health at Risk

Kids smiling while holding a toothbrush

Dental problems at an early age are not just your children’s fault. As parents have a responsibility in taking care of their kids’ oral and overall health, you’re also likely to blame if they develop decay or cavities. This is because it could mean that you’re not caring well enough of their teeth or neglecting the importance of a balanced diet in keeping their choppers strong.

Here’s how you might be putting your children’s teeth at risk:

Letting Them Sleep with a Bottle

Putting your kids to bed with a bottle on their mouth increases their risk of having baby bottle tooth decay. This is especially true if the bottle contains milk, juice, or any other sugary beverage. Decay at an early age is also likely if you let them carry a baby bottle or a sippy cup with a sweetened drink in it throughout the day.

Not Supervising Their Dental Hygiene

Younger children don’t have enough motor skills to properly brush their teeth alone. This is why parents need to supervise the habit until the age of 12. Pediatric dentists in South Bend Indiana note that this makes sure that kids are properly cleaning all the surfaces and corners of the teeth.

Letting Them Drink Soda and Other Sweetened Beverages

Soda, fruit juices, and other sugar-filled drinks bathe your children’s teeth in acid and sugar. This can then lead to enamel erosion and increased risk of tooth decay. It’s advisable to consume these beverages occasionally or eliminate them from your family’s diet.

Neglecting Baby Teeth

While kids will eventually lose their baby teeth, these choppers are important in maintaining the space for permanent teeth. Sp clean and take care of your little one’s baby teeth. You should also know the decay and cavities in baby teeth could cause pain and infection that will result in the extraction of tooth.

Keep your children’s teeth healthy and strong with regular brushing and flossing. You should schedule their first dental visit not later than their first birthday. This is to detect and address dental problems before they get worse.

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