How to Prepare for Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman Eating Fruits

Ready to get pregnant? An experienced obstetrics specialist in Provo suggests that you prepare and plan well in advance — three months to a year — prior to trying to conceive.

Doing so would help make you more fertile and increase your chances of having a more comfortable and healthier pregnancy, and help you give birth to a healthier baby. While every couple’s preparation plans would be somewhat different, in general, here’s what you need to do before you try getting pregnant:

Visit your doctor for a checkup

Your doctor would check your weight, update your immunizations, check your blood, and ensure that if you have any chronic conditions, that they are under control.

You should likewise visit your dentist to check the health of your teeth and gums. Gum or periodontal disease is linked to various pregnancy complications.

Watch your diet

While it’s possible to conceive regardless of your diet successfully, a healthy pre-pregnancy diet would boost your fertility.

You should cut back on alcohol and limit your consumption of caffeine to about 200mg daily, which is roughly the equivalent of 12oz. of brewed coffee or two espresso shots, to avoid compromising your fertility.

Start working out

Even 30 minutes of cardio daily could help increase your chances of conceiving. But avoid over-exercising as this could actually impede ovulation, and consequently, conception.

Consider taking a prenatal vitamin

Taking prenatal vitamins months before you actually conceive could aid in preventing morning sickness, preterm delivery, and severe congenital disabilities.

Aside from increasing your chances of a safer and healthier pregnancy, a little advance prep and planning beforehand could aid in boosting your fertility. But don’t forget to get your partner on-board because as you know, it takes two bodies to make a baby, so his health is just as important as yours.

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