Fill Your Ranks with Professional Trucker and Grow Your Business

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Trucking is one the most understated business sector in the country, despite having revenue that is northwards of $700 billion annually. This figure represents over 80 percent of the total nation’s freight bill in the year 2016.

However, these figures spell good news for the players in the lucrative industry as they get to share a slice of an impressive pie. The boom in business creates over 100,000 trucking jobs yearly.

Centerline Drivers notes that your success in the sector hinges on your ability to fill your ranks with qualified professional drivers.

Avoiding Legal Trouble

To ensure safety on the roads, the government institutes strict rules and regulations and expects the truckers to follow them to the letter. One of these measures is the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA).

This safety program by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) holds drivers and carriers accountable for road safety. Under this program, your reputation as a carrier intertwines with that of your drivers. Through its online portal, the FMCSA updates data from the various roadside inspections.

Some of the data includes crash reports, safety and road violations, which date back 24 months. The Safety Measure System (SMS), ranks your company on a seven-point scale, giving your performance as a percentage score. High scores correspond to poor performance.

Avoiding Bad Reputation

When searching for carrier service, prospective customers often evaluate your ratings on the online platform. A high SMS score marks you as poor courier service, which hurts your chances of landing the new business.

Clients are concerned about safety ratings as it has a direct bearing on their business. If your reputation is poor, it means you might damage their products and this affects their bottom line and customer satisfaction. To this end, they show a marked preference for carriers with a high safety reputation.

The trucking industry is experiencing a boom in sales, and this spells good news for all the players. To make the most of this growth, you need to pick your drivers with a great deal of care.

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