How to Make Your Yard Safer and More Kid-Friendly

 home exterior with large yardOutdoor play offers many rewards for kids, but it also carries some risks. It’s important for parents to increase safety in their yards to ensure that playtime is what it should be: a fun time for children. Re-inspect your yard today and make it a safer, kid-friendly space with these tips:

Build a Fence

Boundaries will keep kids from wandering off and getting lost or running into vehicles. So, install a fence in your yard. One of the best options is aluminum fences, as these are low-maintenance. Also, they don’t rust easily like iron and don’t rot like wood. Ask around for aluminum fence cost to see if it fits your budget.

Note that fences shouldn’t just be at the perimeter of your yard though. If you have swimming pools, it’s best to keep them in locked fences too to keep children out when you’re not around to keep an eye on them.

Remove Plant-Related hazards

Toxic plants should never be in your outdoor space. If you have rhododendrons and hydrangea growing in your yard, remove them immediately. And if you’re unsure which plants could be dangerous, consult horticulturists.

Make sure to clear the clutter in your lawn as well. There may be pine cones concealed by the grass, which can be tripping hazards for kids playing. And don’t forget those low-hanging branches. Children might reach for them or climb on them and run the risk of falling.

Keep Tools and Chemicals in a Locked Shed

Power tools can be a point of interest for kids, so don’t forget to keep them in your storage area after use. Some small tools, like screws, bolt, and nails, can be choking hazards as well. So always double-check that you don’t leave them hanging around after doing some handiwork. Chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, and pool cleaners must be safely stored away too.

Your yard should be a fun playtime space and not an accident-prone area. Increase the safety in your yard with these tips.

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