How to Create a Grand Entryway for Your Home

House entryway

These days, an entrance sets the tone for the rest of your house. So, it is vital that it reflects your personality, brings out your décor and personal style, and wows your visitors.

First impressions always count, and the worst part is that they are remembered the most. Regardless of the quality décor in your house, it will be hard for visitors to shake off that poor entrance from their minds. However, with the right entrance and staircase ideas, you can create a great first impression for anyone visiting your home. The following tips will help you build a house that matches your interests and personality.

Use Bright Paint on Your Door

Your door is the first focal point when anyone arrives at your entrance. You need to give it an upgrade to ensure that it attracts your visitors’ attention. One way of making your door stand out is using bright paint. Choose a colour that matches the personality of your house and shows your creativity and sense of style. When it comes to bright colours, there is a wide range to choose from. Just make sure that what you select promotes cheerfulness or calmness.

Add Lights

Although the entryway is a small space, you will be amazed by how adding a layer of lights can transform the entire area. Adding a lantern or table lamp can make the whole space feel cosy and welcoming. Play around with different wall or ceiling mounted-fixtures to create an ambient space. Don’t go for bright lights. Instead, settle for something that is warm and inviting.

Renovate Your Staircase

Curved interior stairs

If there is a staircase in your entrance, ensure that it is a feature piece that enhances your décor. You can play around with different colours to make it stand out, or you can paint it the same colour as the door. While painting it a different shade can create an exciting and artistic feel, using the same colour as the door brings a sense of continuity. You can also add carpeting and stylish stair rods to create a touch of creativity and sophistication.

Although it is a small space, your entrance speaks volumes about your whole house. However, this shouldn’t be a worry since there are very many ways to improve this space. The only challenge is that you have to get it right from your choice of floors to the carpeting and fixtures. While the vast number of styles that you can choose may feel intimidating, it shouldn’t distract you from trying to achieve a particular theme.

In the end, personality is the main factor to consider whenever you are improving your home’s entryway. Having a personality in mind narrows down the number of styles that you can use and gives you a better understanding of the best décor for various places. Have fun with colour and make a statement with your décor choices to bring out your personality. At the end of it, your visitors will always be wowed by the outcome.

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