Here Are Some of the most Popular Engagement Rings Today

Rings with diamonds

Fashion is fleeting — one moment you are buying a designer bag, the next minute, your bag is old-fashioned. One moment your Pinterest board is filled with engagement rings you would want, the next minute your friends are wondering which decade you dropped from.

There are many custom engagement rings stores in Salt Lake City — AAA Jewelers, for example — that will furnish your options to keep your fiancée trendy regardless of the year.

What’s more, you could have the ring tailor-made for you to your fiancée’s taste. It is like food, really, whatever floats your boat; just as long as it belongs in our times (and everything in this list does).

The open ring

Even before the color, clarity, carat, and cut, the settings matter. You must know the metal framework your fiancée would want. The type and intensity of metal used will set the mood for the stone. Open rings are a safe pick without sacrificing class.

You could have a design that is adjustable so that you eliminate worries that the band would not fit. You can have two stones or one, different colors and plenty more in choice as regards open rings.

Eternity bands

Think about a blinged-out option instead of a single stone; how grand is that? What’s more, you can play with eternity bands to use diamonds or colored rubies, and you will still not go wrong.

You could tapper trillions and baguettes, or you can leave it simple if your bride is not comfortable with something flashy. Just remember to borrow from her style before deciding. For example, does she prefer classic jewels as opposed to vintage?

Chevron bands

The beauty of these rings is how much you can experiment with their shapes. You can have it as a V-shaped band, curved or pointed and it will still be elegant.

You can even have a ring resembling calligraphy if your fiancée is artsy. The versatility of the chevron band makes it stand out even if she wears it alone.

It is a privilege in this day and age to have many options, but that is no excuse to wait until the last minute. When shopping for an engagement ring, give yourself some time to consider your options.

After you have placed an order, in most places, you will have to wait for some time before the custom design comes. Your fiancée deserves the best, and so do you!

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