Detrimental Effects of Radon

A green mowed lawn with a diagonal crack with radon gas escaping

Radon is one of the atmospheric radioactive gases. It is a tasteless, invisible, and odorless gas. According to recent studies, one out of every 15 homes has unsafe levels of radon.

Radon testing of individual buildings in Salt Lake City is needed as the location and construction of a building affects the levels of radon. Even those next to one another can have significantly different levels of radon.

Here are some effects of radon exposure:

Effects on Human Beings

One of the most significant impacts of radon is an increase in the risk of contracting lung cancer. Radon exposure is the second highest risk factor for lung cancer after smoking. Exposure to radon also causes a broad range of respiratory effects including emphysema, silicosis, pulmonary fibrosis, and chronic interstitial pneumonia.

Effects on Animals

Decaying radon particles inhaled by cats and dogs have a carcinogenic effect. The most common type of cancer caused by radon exposure in animals is lung cancer. The respiratory rates of animals are higher than humans’ their lungs are smaller. Therefore, the effects of radon on your pet’s lungs are more harmful than to you.

Effects on the Environment

Radon in the soil can leach into plants, causing harmful effects on internal body organs. It can also find its way to groundwater or remain on the surface where it vaporizes into the air. Radon in groundwater can affect aquatic life or enter water taps before breaking down. It then finds its way to commercial and residential establishments.

There is no doubt that radon is a dangerous contaminant. It is harmful to you, your pets, and the environment. You must have your homes checked for radon as soon as you can to avoid the risks that come with having high levels of it.

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