Genres and Emotions: The Special Effects of Movies on the Body

Watching MovieA snug sofa, yummy butter popcorn and a couple hours of freedom from reality — this is why watching movies is the best way to relax. Yet, you probably don’t know that different movie genres have various effects on the mind and body.

Preferred Seating says this revelation is great news for theater owners as they can finally lure customers besides simply choosing the comfiest movie theater seats for sale. They can now get to know their target audience more and come up with a targeted approach to getting them out of Netflixing at home. Below are movie genres and their respective effects, so you can get ready before you plan a new event:

 Romantic Flicks

Romantic films give off the same effect as watching comedies as they can help the movie watcher deal with real-life issues. They can provide hours of relief and even gain a more positive mindset after the film. This is a perfect genre for those who just want a momentary pause from their life. People can draw hope and inspiration from this genre.

Comedy Films

Psychologists reveal that laughter can develop a person’s sense of well-being and provide them space from their problems. Plenty of studies even discloses that laughter can improve the immune system and weaken stress hormones that try to confine blood vessels and stop hormone activity. This genre is go-to for people who need relief from anxiety, fear and aggression.

 Horror Movies

People who love horror movies are adrenaline junkies who go on intense skiing escapades, extreme rock climbing adventures and adrenaline pulsing skydiving stunts. These types of moviegoers want to go through events that other people wouldn’t even dare to. This is an ideal genre for people who want to experience a spike in their cortisol and adrenaline levels.

Films communicate thoughts using emotion instead of intellect. They have the ability to modify the instinct to control feelings and trigger emotional release. The next time you try to think of a selling point to your customers, keep the above points in mind.

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