Are Greywater Recovery Systems Really Effective?

Greywater Recovery SystemsSustainability has been gaining more traction in commercial and industrial sectors in recent years. Not only does it help protect the environment from wasteful practices, but the savings it brings has become attractive to CEO’s and managers all around. With increasing rates of water and power fees, balancing operational costs with savings has always been a top priority. There are many ways a company can save costs and but there is one solution that is so simple yet effective, that the world is now starting to take notice.

Water consumption, of course, plays a major role in lowering operational costs. Experts believe that re-using water for non-potable uses can save building hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. “Toilets remain the single greatest water user,” he adds. It, therefore, makes sense to use recycled water in simple processes like, say, flushing down toilets. This practice is known as grey water recovery and the basic concept is simple. If the use of water does not require clean and potable water, you can instead recycle “grey water” or water that has been used in other processes.

California-based water conservation group Greywater Action founder Laura Allen believes that while the benefits of this system are quite obvious, educating people, especially those in high water consumption industries, has been the greatest challenge. “There are so many different types of systems,” she explains. The state of California in the US, having been dealing with increased water prices due to drought, leads the frontlines in re-using greywater.

Best practices for water efficiency come from many different parts. Sustainable practices and efficient industrial pipe systems all contribute to a company’s savings when it comes to consumption. It is always best to look at things from eco-friendly perspectives because, while the initial cost may be a little on the high side, the long-term benefits and savings that it can bring is not something you could easily ignore.

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