Essential Safety Products for Your Job Site

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When people hear of workplace safety, they immediately assume that this means PPE. Personal protective equipment is undoubtedly a vital element for the safety of all workplaces. It, however, cannot be used in isolation to guarantee the highest levels of protection. Apart from PPE, you should invest in site safety products. These are meant to highlight any dangers on your site, mitigate the impact of hazards and control vehicular and foot traffic flow.

Site safety products should thus form a part of your inventory list alongside safety glasses for eye protection, hand protection gloves, and other PPE types. The ideal choices for your site will depend on the safety hazards present in it and its layout.

Here are some of the standard site safety products across most industries:

Security Fencing

This controls the flow of traffic into and out of a job site. The security fencing can be used to keep the public or specific workers out of a section. This way, the number of people exposed to a particular hazard is significantly minimized. Though primarily meant for the safety of people around a site, the fence also plays a role in the security of the materials and machines in a specific area. There are high and strong fences you can opt for if you have expensive products, you would want to protect from intruders.

Safety Signage

Do not assume that everyone around your site can appreciate the hazards they might be exposed to and steer clear of them. Safety signage is an essential element on your site to communicate the dangers in a specific place. The signage in most locations will also recommend the ideal steps one should take when entering them.

In most cases, it indicates the required PPE when entering a restricted area. There are different rules on the location of safety signage in relation to a hazard and the words, colors, and lettering used on it.

First Aid Kits

first aid

Few people think of these on their worksite, believing they have taken all the necessary steps to negate accidents. Even so, no site will be 100% safe. As such, first aid kits should be scattered in different locations throughout a site to minimize the impact of injuries when they happen. The kits will often contain different materials. When choosing yours, ensure its constituents match the common accidents that might occur around your site.

Fire Extinguishers

These are your first choices to keep even the smallest fires from escalating. Fire extinguishers have different components. When picking them, pick those that will effectively put out the type of fire on a specific site. If, for instance, you are dealing with chemicals, the ideal choice would be a foam-based extinguisher. This is because a water-based extinguisher might not do much for chemical-based fires.

Some of the leading causes of injuries on most sites include electrocution, falls, and being caught in between or struck by different objects. The chances of these injuries will be significantly reduced by using the above safety products.

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