Essential Details You Should Check When Renting an Airbnb


The domestic travel industry is picking up after months of staying at home. An article from The New York Times revealed that more people are booking vacations in various destinations like Florida and Arizona.

When travelers book a place to stay, they sometimes rent one using Airbnb. Properties on this site usually offer more space for people at a price that won’t break the bank.

Before you rent an Airbnb accommodation, make sure that the place you’re renting is legit. The last thing you want on vacation is a nightmarish stay or experience. Here are a few things you should do before booking an Airbnb place:

Look at the Accommodation Pictures

The photos posted on the Airbnb website tell a thousand words. They can help you determine whether the accommodation looks like a world-class hotel or a house in pressing need of a major bathroom or kitchen renovation.

When browsing through the photos, keep your eyes peeled for a verification watermark. This superimposed logo signifies that a professional and authorized Airbnb photographer has taken pictures of the property. What you see on the pictures is what you can expect when you arrive at the property.

Contact the Host

Try to speak with the host either online or via SMS before you book. Then, measure how long it takes to get a response. If the host consistently takes several hours to reply, you may expect the same treatment when you arrive at your accommodation. For example, there’s an issue with your room, such as bed bugs or a broken window. The host (or the maintenance crew) might take a while to rectify the problem.

living room

Research the Neighborhood

Although the accommodation might look amazing, the neighborhood surrounding it may be undesirable. When considering an Airbnb rental place, check the general area, and look for related news about that place. You may want to look elsewhere if that neighborhood often appears in the crime sections of a newspaper. Always prioritize safety over the positive features of the accommodation.

Have Backup Airbnb Listings

When you rent with Airbnb, remember that hosts can reject your request to book a room or property. What’s more, the host may cancel your booking without warning (or a good reason). Given these situations, you need to be ready for the unexpected. Create a backup listing featuring your second, third, and fourth accommodation choices. If a last-minute cancellation does happen, you could look at your other options.

Read the Reviews

The reviews left by previous Airbnb users are your best friend. They can persuade you to make a booking or discourage you from renting the place you want.

When you see a few stellar reviews out of a hundred, move along and look for other properties. You should also avoid listings with no host reply to negative reviews. A host who doesn’t take the time to respond to any kind of feedback is an indication that the person cares little about the guest experience.

Avoid a nightmare vacation by following these simple suggestions. If you’re itching to take a break this summer, opt for listings that adhere to increased hygiene and sanitization practices. Choosing these listings allows you to stay safe and healthy while you have a grand time on your vacation.

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