Dunedin Flood: Ideal Things to do While Waiting for Help


DunedinThe city of Dunedin recently suffered the wrath of nature, experiencing severe flood this June 2015. It’s one of the worst calamities that struck the place, with about 1,250 properties and 280 families affected, according to the city council. Many of the locals seek extensive assistance such as food and dry shelter.

With limited resources and manpower, the authorities may take time before attending to the needs of everyone. In case you get into this situation, you should know what to do. There are practical ways to keep you busy and productive while waiting for help.You can start by cleaning your home and taking out all the wet items outside to dry.

Treat the Upholstery

Leaving furniture and things unattended for long after water damage makes things worse. Not only can it destroy belongings, damp upholstery and water puddles cause mould growth and attract insects that lead to health problems.

As the flood affected everyone in the city, you have to call for furniture and carpet cleaning services in Auckland instead to sanitise your upholstery. These professionals can effectively disinfect your things, ensuring the elimination of dirt and harmful bacteria lurking in the upholstery.

Get Your Home Dry

If the flood outside your home has already subsided, then it’s time to get rid of the water inside. Grab buckets, mops and old towels. If the drain isn’t functional, pour the floodwater out on the lawn.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the water, usefans to totally dry exposed surfaces. Be careful when you turn on the power. After assuring the safety of the outlets, plug in the fans and dehumidifiers to completely dry out your home.

Dispose of Useless Things

Check if all the things you placed outside are also dry. Separate things you need to dispose of from the ones you can still use. You may still find a few that you can salvage or recycle. Organise your pile and segregate biodegradable from non-biodegradable trash.

Never treat floodwater lightly. Even the slightest dampness on your carpet or furniture can encourage mould growth. Keep your family safe from illnesses by addressing floodwater issues promptly.

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