Drifting Away From Fatal Test Drive Mistakes: A Checklist

Test Driving 101

 Test Driving 101Ah, the test driving stage.

It’s the time where your expectation meets reality in a sudden stomp of a foot.

Will the acceleration quench your thirst for horsepower? Will the balance of the module feel OK for you? Will you be proud to sport the uncompromising deep engine hum of your new ride?

Nonetheless, your first test-drive will provide a firsthand evaluation on whether or not to purchase or look for another instead. But, at this point, cars for test-driving are almost guaranteed to have little to no problems at all because they’re especially made to run magnificently on the day you’re going to test it out. More often than not, the problems you’ll encounter will always arrive after.

HudiburgNissan.com shares a test driving checklist that will save you the trouble by identifying fatal flaws before you even make them.

Make Sure it’s Drift-able

Check the tires individually. If you want a controlled driving experience, ask if the installed tires have traction control in place and what type. On the other hand, if you want a more drifty ride, specifically ask for drift tires for better safety.

Do Not Stop on the Braking Questions

Depending on your intended use, there are at least nine types of breaks that include Disc Brakes, Drum Brakes, Single-circuit hydraulic brakes, Dual-circuit hydraulic brakes, Brake-by-wires, Antilock braking systems (ABS), Power brake booster, Air brakes, and Advanced emergency braking system (AEBS).

Secure in the Locks

Even a Ferrari or Lamborghini is susceptible to forced entry. If you can help it, try to ask for both the internal and external safety and security capabilities of your ride.

Make it Light and Clear

Even if you’re a day person, there are times you’ll have to drive somewhere late at night. Make sure the lights emits sufficient levels of clarity, if not ask for if there’s a solution to that.

Steer Like Your Life Depends On It

Swerve hard to the left, to the right, reverse left, reverse right, go straight, go back — make sure each of your commands flows smoothly. If the stick is too hard, have it adjusted.

Test drives place you in an excellent position to inspect and demand changes that you feel necessary. Make sure everything works from day one and try to keep it that way.

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