Consider Job Swap, Become a Demolition Specialist

Demolition SpecialistMany people see themselves toiling away behind mountains of paperwork and navigating the sea of cubicles on the office floors. Others see themselves sweating under the heat of the sun as explosives go boom and buildings fall in a kind of, neat pile. If you’re the latter kind, you might want to consider a job in demolition.

I’m gonna wreck it!

Demolition specialists don’t just destroy houses and building as Wreck-It-Ralph does with his fist. They get to use those huge excavating vehicles we see on construction sites. And of course, they get to blow up stuff to make way for new stuff, like roads. Demolishers also help with explosions in the movies and TV series you probably like watching.

And you can pretend to be a villain and you blow stuff to wreak havoc in your town.

What does this button do?

Demolition experts don’t just push big, red buttons like Dee-dee does in her brother’s laboratory. In fact, they require a very keen eye for detail and a working knowledge of electricity wirings and, of course, explosives.

There is really no college degree for such a job. Most of the time, demolishers can apply for a job at a demolition company if they have a high school degree. Of course, they won’t let you touch the explosives yet because you need some experience in the more basic tasks, like using a sledgehammer and all the way up to hiring (and using) digger vehicles.

While no college degree is required, at least in Hamilton, it is recommended that you attend seminars and trainings, or even browsing the Internet once in a while for manual to add some tools under your belt. Trainings often paid but think of it as an investment for your future as “wrecker.” Aside from trainings though, it may be useful for you to get some license to unlock some of the more exciting jobs, like blowing up stuff.

License requirement though varies from state to state. So for example, you’re a demolition specialist in Hamilton, you won’t need any special license if you are not removing chemicals or asbestos. It is recommended though to have a license in various things so much hireable.

Safety First!

Now that you’re probably considering becoming a demolition specialist, it’s time to remind you of the serious things that you need to remember.

Having the ability to destroy large structures and having some access to dangerous exploding stuff requires an equal amount of responsibility. This is mostly the reason why the government requires professional wreckers have special licenses in the first place.

It is not only the government that should be aware of this. As a future, possible demolition expert, you should be careful yet sure of the decisions you make. Otherwise, the building in the middle of two or three other buildings you have been assigned to destroy topples over the other structures around it because of the wrong planning you made. Or you might hire a digger company to assist you but they don’t maintain their equipment and machines right, and that could lead to other scary possibilities.

Demolition might seem fun but, in the end, it’s a really dangerous job that could hurt not only the demolishing team but also others that may get caught in the crossfire if a mistake happens. Assuming that you do become a demolition expert or something equivalent, try to heed the word of Spiderman’s Uncle Ben that “with great power comes with great responsibility.” Or with great explosives comes with great booms.

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